Saturday, 25 August 2012

Preparing for the P test: part 1

Over the years the process for gaining your p plates has changed from simply getting your licence at the local Police station, to a simple 15 minute drive, then developing into the 50 hour scheme to the current 120 hours.
The question should be am I test ready or am I P Plate ready?
Two very different questions. Test ready means you have completed 120 hours of driving experience, on road with a supervisor and the compulsory 12 months on your learner licence if under 25 years of age.
P Plate ready means that you are competent to drive solo and you have had a wide variety of experience to deal with the situations you will come across on your p plates.
Your 120 hours are there to allow you to gain as much experience and variety so you will remain safe as a driver.
To prepare for your p test it is important to practice your driving in many different situations - night, day, rain, shine, city, country ........
Your supervisor should not have to be reminding you constantly of your right of way, road rules or when to go at intersections. If this is still occurring take the time to review your training methods and sit down with your supervisor to discuss road rules etc, out of the car to help you gain the knowledge you will need to be a competent solo driver.

As the test day approaches it is a good idea to have a few lessons to refine these skills and ensure you are on track to being a safer solo driver.

Remember, your first 6 months of driving on your p plates is the most dangerous time where more accidents may occur. Reduce your risks by preparing and planning your training to ensure you cover all the skills you will need on your p plates.

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