Saturday, 30 June 2012

Filling in your NSW logbook - Learner driver

Filling in your logbook is an important part of gaining a NSW license. Currently  you are required to complete 120 hours of driving practice on road with a licensed supervisor. It is compulsory that 20 of these hours are  completed at night. A night hour is between sunset and sunrise. These times are well published and are not when you think it is dark. Search your area on google and search for sunset/ sunrise times and the year you would like to search, i.e 2012 Southern highlands sunset sunrise times.
The logbook is a legal contract between you and the RTA. You and your supervisor are declaring that you did complete the required hours, fraud is a serious offense and can incur serious penalties and suspensions from driving.
Always fill the log book in pen, not pencil.
Never use liquid paper, show errors with a line through it.
Never loose the front cover of the logbook as this is the contract part with your signature and shows ownership of the logbook.
Look after your logbook by putting it in a zip lock pouch.
Always take digital photos of the pages as you complete them, in case you loose the logbook you will have a record of hours already done.

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